Honza Svašek

graphic designer

visual artist

from Rotterdam

selected works

Decisions by Happy Ghosts

students of the last class I gave before the corona lockdown at Lee's Subbody School

Dharamshala March 2020

a free butoh choreography by honza

Orange and the Red God

Solo Performance at the 6th Himalaya Butoh Festival

Sick Dancing Princess

a Butoh Performance


Black Butoh Machine


First public experiment using my system of generative choreography. It was interesting to notice that though the texts are randomly generated some synchronicity is happening. This shows that complex systems with a lot of randomity involved can resonate with life. (Which is why the Tarot works for some)

This experiment explores a concept discovered by Tatsumi Hijikata that I learned from Natsu Nakajima:

“I would like to talk about language and the body. The body is something that cannot be totally captured in words. In the depth of our body, there is something mysterious, something hidden, something that we want to discard. To give these formless matters a form is what Ankoku Butoh is about.

One of the key elements of Ankoku Butoh, especially Hijikata's Ankoku Butoh, is summed up in this irony: to put into words that which cannot be put into words, to give a form to that which is formless. Perhaps it can also be called the activities of words of the body.” – Natsu Nakajima

The performance was at IDFX Breda on 13 December

drie Mozaieken

met ingebouwde Linux computers


Performance Wielewaal

foto: Roland Huguenin


Butoh Choreography Creation with GPT-2


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